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It’s nice that you – as a man – have landed here on this website about pregnancy, birth, postpartum and the first months with the baby. 

The aim is that you can benefit from other fathers in the same situation to see what might be  helpful for your partner  during the birth – and what might not be. 

It is very beneficial reading testimonials from other fathers that are helpful for you. Not all women want their husbands to be present at the birth. This is also discussed. 

“Courage to fill in the gaps” is an appropriate saying here, because no one is perfect. But one or two things are useful to consider, whether you are there at the birth or not. 

As a doctor of social sciences, mediator, educator and doula, I have been involved with the topics of pregnancy and birth since the 1990s. As an advisor, I am active in the association Greenbirth e. V., which I can especially recommend to you for your research, because it is aimed at parents who want to inform themselves about the topic of birth. 

As mentioned: I am committed on the one hand to socio-political issues and on the other hand to individual people dealing with pregnancy and birth. This I do with heart and soul and expertise. 

I have strong communication skills, I would say my heart is in the right place and I am part of an active birth guide  network. I know what makes men tick – and especially women during childbirth. 

Expertise is guaranteed!

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