Birth of my son in Peru

Birth report of a Father who got his son in Peru

My son C. was born on Sunday, 10.10.1999, in Lima/Peru. My wife is Peruvian and I am German.

During the birth in Lima, I as the father could unfortunately not be present in person at the birth, because this was not possible in the “birth house” there.

C. was born at night and the following morning I went with my mother-in-law and a large bouquet of red roses to my wife and son. Of course I was incredibly happy to see my son and my wife in the best of health and that everything had worked out so well. Those were wonderful, indescribable feelings, great feelings of happiness.
Love and joy as well as humility and gratitude to our Creator God spread out.

Many memories came up, such as the beautiful time of pregnancy with my wife in Hamburg. Then came the birth of our son in a faraway country, in her homeland Peru.
Three months after the birth, our family came back to Hamburg.

After that, for professional reasons, in retrospect I didn’t have enough time to enjoy my son’s baby time as a father even more. Unfortunately, there was no parental leave at that time, during which fathers could also accompany the babies more helpfully during this wonderful time. If I had had the opportunity to take time off from my job at that time, I would have been more than happy to do so.
But time is relative. I am happy that many beautiful moments of the birth and the following baby time have lovingly imprinted themselves in me.